We are on a mission to help every parent transition into parenthood... with confidence.

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OptiMum provides personalized information and emotional support throughout your baby's first 1000 days.

  •  An intelligent digital coach, personalized for your new and expectant parents!

  • Receive trusted answers to all your pre- and post-natal questions

  • Learn about yourself and your baby through intelligent tracking and personalized support. 

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Get expert advice

We recognize that the journey to parenthood requires more than the advice you gain from your midwife. Get free answers from our experts on topics relating to your:

(Relationships, Career, Emotions, Pregnancy and beyond, Baby's development, Lifestyle, & Loss)

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beyond tracking...

Your parental journey is about more than what size fruit your child is. From sleep to mood, track the things you care about and see how they influence your wellbeing during pregnancy and once your baby arrives.

Through tracking, Optimum can predict your energy levels and productivity over the coming week so you're better able to plan and navigate your journey.

Over time Optimum's suggestions are specifically tailored to meet the individual needs and preferences of you and your baby.