Eric Gu Chappell

Currently: London, UK & Amsterdam, NL

Language: English


I am passionate about our relationship with technology, so with my engineering foundation and design education, I deploy new technologies to products that enhance the wellbeing of the users. My consulting work for startups and corporations involves integrating AI capabilities to service and products; my academic work focuses on AI creativity, AR/VR and conversational interfaces to enhance learning and creativity. Particularly with Artificial Intelligence, for the first time in history, everyone can all have ownership over the means of production rather than be the producers ourselves. For example, owners of service robots or autonomous vehicles can be entitled to the values generated by their machines by being responsible for their maintenance and upgrade. I am currently a member of Zinc.VC, where I am developing a start-up that refines this goal into deployable innovations to transition our roles as wage slaves in an automated economy.



I speak at conferences & expos, company events, and workshops. I am frequently traveling between Europe, the United States, and Japan throughout the year, and I am appreciative of speaking opportunities that sync up with my travels.

Sample talks, topics, but not limited to:

  • AI Helping Humans (AI Futurist/Optimist, Design & Ethics)

  • Designing Multimodal Virtual Reality Interfaces (Design & UX)

  • Rapid digital prototyping with emerging technologies (Prototyping, IoT, etc)


2019 Engagements

  • “AI Saving Humans” @ Cloud Expo Europe 2019 (AI Futurist, Design & UX)

  • “Future Proofing Against Emerging Technology” @ Data Centre World 2019 (AI & IoT)

  • Topic TBA @ AI Conference 2019 (AI Design, UX, & Ethics)

  • Topic TBA @ GIANT Tech Innovation for Women's Health (AI, Healthcare & Wellbeing)


Special Recognition

  • Exceptional Talent (with 5 year Tier-1 Talent Visa to the UK)

  • Migrant Talent (with Visa to the Netherlands)

  • Teaching Fellow @ Imperial College London

  • Hacker-in-Residence @ ICAH London

  • Created OptiMum.AI, chatbot supporting new parents & childbirth



  • Creative Haptic Interface Design for the Aging Population. 10.5772/intechopen.78991. (Solo)

  • Embodied Reading: A Multisensory Experience. CHI Extended Abstracts 2016: 1459-1466 (W/ Susana Sanchez, Tilman Dingler, Kai Kunze)

  • Towards performance feedback through tactile displays to improve learning archery. UbiComp/ISWC Adjunct 2015: 141-144 (W/ Kai Kunze, Masashi Takatani, Kouta Minamizawa)

  • An augmented e-reader for multimodal literacy. UbiComp/ISWC Adjunct 2015: 353-356 (W/ Susana Sanchez, Kai Kunze, Masahiko Inami)

  • Exploring sensory augmentation through tactile interfaces. UbiComp/ISWC Adjunct 2015: 1243-1249 (W/ Kai Kunze, Kouta Minamizawa)

  • Multimodal literacy: storytelling across senses. UbiComp/ISWC Adjunct 2015: 1257-1260 (W/ Susana Sanchez, Kai Kunze, Masahiko Inami)



  • Founder, AR+ELIERS Studio

  • Founder, InfiniFab

  • Fellow, Imperial College London

  • Board Member, Kinship Technologies

  • Technology Advisor, Zinc.VC

  • Global Nomad