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Who are we

Ar+eliers is a design innovation firm specializing in concept, product, and experience design and research utilizing new, emergent technologies. We work with leading international businesses and institutions across industries and countries, including consumer goods, technology, retail, finance, and media.

Passionate about applying new technologies to business, social, and cultural challenges, we transcend traditional design disciplines. We bridge the gap between technology and society, the virtual world and the physical world, to transform futuristic concepts into tangible products and experiences.


Augmented reality

Ar+eliers creates immersive, interactive AR contents and platforms. We help clients innovate within their industries by combining advanced virtual reality solutions and a deep understanding of the client business’s essential values and identity. From mobile applications to custom products, we can create custom augmented reality solutions for your needs.



Ar+eliers are experts in creating interactive installations for the public or private events. Specializing in experience design, we can build memorable exhibitions. 


AR/VR and Haptics Research

We are active explorers into the future of technology, from design and development of novel human-computer-interfaces to forecast research on artificial intelligence and human relationships. We are futurists, pushing the boundary between our physical reality and the virtual world.



Our services have been picked up by a range of international clients: from corporations like Fujitsu and Amazon, academic institutions like Imperial College London, to design firms and small disruptive startups making new consumer technology. Together with our forward-thinking clients we form teams that make things that make a difference.